student-run marketing firm at Stephens College, Columbia, MO


Careers with Creative Ink

As a student-run integrated marketing communications firm, Creative Ink presents Stephens College students with the opportunity to learn through experience and to apply newly acquired skills to professional clients in a class which functions as an integrated marketing communications firm. Students earn three credit hours (either 200- or 400-level) per semester in Creative Ink.

Creative Ink students have a unique chance to produce materials that are printed and distributed to the public. These materials make a portfolio stand out when searching for internships and future employment. In addition to the experience and work samples developed, students receive class credit.

Creative Ink members hold themselves to a higher standard, are dedicated to their projects and clients and are innovators who enjoy seeing their concepts transform from idea to professional print. Creative Ink is open to all varieties of academic interests and is always looking for bright enthusiastic students who are, of course, “always thINKing!”


Application Process

Creative Ink encourages long-term commitment by staff members. Ideally, students join the firm their sophomore or junior year, learn the mechanics of the firm, gain experience and then become mentors to new staff as seniors.

To apply for a position within Creative Ink, download an application. Additionally, please submit a copy of your resume, a minimum of three work samples, a letter of recommendation and a cover letter to Kate Gray in Walter Hall, Suite 308. If she is not present or is in a meeting, please slide your materials under the door and email Kate Gray to alert her to your application. If applying for an account executive position, please submit writing and strategic planning examples. If applying for a creative executive position, please submit design samples.

The second step to the application process includes a formal interview with Creative Ink administrative staff. Once your application is submitted, you will be contacted with further details.

Please email any questions.