student-run marketing firm at Stephens College, Columbia, MO

About Us

Creative Ink is a student-run integrated marketing communications firm at Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri. Since our inception in the spring of 2007, Creative Ink has flourished into a passionate, innovative and strategic firm supporting clientele across Missouri.
Even though we have grown quite significantly, our team still functions under the same principles: a constant eagerness to learn and a drive to exceed expectations. Late nights? Obviously. Stress? Inevitably. Loving what we do? Most definitely.
Whether we’re designing a newspaper ad or writing an entire strategic marketing plan, Creative Ink provides team members with experience crucial to post-graduate success. Our philosophy? Learn, collaborate and create through passion. Sleep tomorrow.
Our Mission Statement:

“We, Creative Ink, strive to provide trustworthy expertise and quality service beyond expectations while maintaining the integrity of clients.”

Our Story

Creative Ink was established in the spring of 2007 when the organization recruited nine students. These students formed a dedicated staff who established a business plan, set up their own office and created a solid structure to build a sustainable integrated marketing communications firm for Stephens College and the surrounding communities. The staff of nine worked under the supervision of marketing, public relations and advertising program director Susan Bartel. Since the firm’s opening in the fall of 2007, student representatives have provided services to many clients internally at Stephens College, as well as externally to local businesses. The services and materials produced were done pro bono, as long as the firm received credit for the implementation. This formula is still in effect today.

Today, Creative Ink accelerates full-throttle as a successful student-run integrated marketing communications firm at Stephens College. Creative Ink selects the most creative and dedicated students for staff members. Creative Ink is overseen by faculty advisor, Kate Gray. Staff members actively keep up with client demands and are always looking for new clients within the community to offer them with unique problem-solving opportunities.