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Katelyn Bartels and Megan Spencer are new to the Creative Ink team this semester. Katelyn was given the role of the Account Executive and Megan the Creative Executive. Over the last few months, they have learned what it means to work effectively as a team.

Be Honest: Make sure to let your partner know if you are struggling to complete an assignment on time and need help. Everyone has things come up in their life and your partner will be able to better understand if you are honest with them from the start.

Be Willing to Compromise: Since we are a team, we always ask each other for the other’s opinions. It’s important to know how to not only actively listen to your partner but also feel confident enough to give your input.

Be Prepared: This relates back to being honest. Know your limits. By that, we mean if you say you can do something, then you will be expected to complete it. Manage your time well, because you aren’t just responsible for yourself anymore. Your partner is relying on you to carry your weight.

Try Out the Other’s Role: We have found that it helps to understand each other’s role by personally trying them out. Katelyn has helped with the design side many times. Megan helps Katelyn by proofreading emails before they are sent out. By trying out your partner’s role (when appropriate!), you will become a more well-rounded individual.

Communication is Key: There is no such thing as too much communication. As partners, we are in constant communication, talking or texting every day. It’s important to build a professional relationship with your partner, but a friendship is a great perk!

Be Supportive: You and your partner are making awesome things! Be supportive and encouraging of each other, in the hard times and the successes.

By using our tips, you and your partner are sure to form the ideal team and create some incredible designs.

Blog post by Katelyn Bartels & Megan Spencer. Graphic created by Katelyn Bartels.

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