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7 Tips for Working with a Partner in Design


RACHEL_DANNYBlogCreating the perfect team takes dedication, organization, communication, and mutual understanding. Everyone makes mistakes, but you must learn from both your own mistakes and others so that you can become a better partner.
To create a long-lasting partnership here are 7 tips for working with a partner in Design.

1. Strengths and Weaknesses
First off identify the strengths and weaknesses of both partners. By doing this you can see where each partner compliments each other. It can create a good dynamic of dependency between each partner and make the work more team like than individual.

2. Understand Each Others Personality Types
When finding a partner and deciding if you will be a good fit, you should both take the Myers Briggs test (click here to take it). By doing this you will better understand how to interact with your partner and better understand each other strengths and weaknesses.

3. Dedication and Goals
After you identify your strengths and weaknesses you must talk together about the other duties in your life so that each partner can understand the dedication and time that is needed for this long-term or short-term partnership. Along with talking about duties, each partner should create personal goals and together you should both set team goals. You should come to the conclusion that with all the goals you must come together to achieve them.

4. Mutual Understanding
When you are working with someone side by side it is important to have a mutual understanding with them. Along with understanding, you should have respect for their time and space. It is helpful to get to know how your partner prefers things and be open-minded.

5. Define Your Roles
When working with a team, each member should know their own role and understand their teammate’s roles. As partners, you should be open about what you can accomplish and what is too much to handle. This will allow a mutual respect for each of you know what can be done.

6. Organization
Organization is extremely important when collaborating with someone because there are two sets of eyes looking at the data. To ensure that work can be done in the most efficient matter you should keep all files in an organized manner. This will help your partner be able to work on your working documents with the least amount of confusion.

7. Communication
Communication is the most important thing for partners to be successful. You and your partner should communicate everything about the project you are working on. Being open with your partner about concerns or issues will allow for the both of you to tackle problems easier. Without communicating you can not have a successful relationship with your partner.

The last thing to fully understand is to not worry about who gets the credit. You are both a team and you get better work that way. Throughout your work with each other get into a habit of always using we and us for everything. Even if one person did the design or one person did the research. State “we researched and found,” “we designed and produced this together,” you are a team and need to have a combined front.
“Two heads are better than one.”

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