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An Introvert’s Guide to being an Account Executive


Part of being an Account Executive means constantly communicating and going to meetings. As an introvert, this can be emotionally draining. Having a social battery is real and reflecting before constructing an idea is nothing to be ashamed of. At first, I tried battling my introversion by pretending to be an extroverted person, but this only hurt me more. Being an introvert is who I am and allowing myself to be that person has helped better both my personal and professional life. My time as an Account Executive in Creative Ink has taught me different ways to work with my introversion to be the best possible Account I can be for my clients and my partner.

1. Recharge before every meeting. This has helped me tremendously. It not only helps keep my social battery full, but also allows me to effectively communicate my thoughts to clients, my partner, and the Directors. Do whatever you need to do to make sure you can be fully present in every meeting. Even taking 5 minutes to yourself can make a huge difference.

2. Take time to reflect. Generally speaking, introverts need time to reflect in order to construct an idea or thought. Taking longer than others to come up with an idea is not a bad thing. I think of my best ideas after taking time to reflect all the information that was thrown at me during a client meeting. Doing this allows me to take the client’s needs into account.

3. Prepare. Preparing for a presentation or meeting can be considered a “duh” statement for everyone, however, for most introverts, preparing longer prior is necessary. For me, it helps to write out everything I want to say before a presentation, then let that run through my head all day. Find your favorite way to prepare and make a routine out of it.

4. Take advantage of your strengths. Put your best foot forward by letting these shine. General strengths of introverts include being: great listeners, empathetic, introspective, and observant. Find your strengths and ingrain them into your everyday work ethic.

5. Be yourself. As an introvert, I’ve noticed it’s sometimes hard to show my personality. I’ve been working on letting people see who I am during meetings and presentations while still remaining professional. It’s helped make the experience of being an Account Executive more authentic. It also makes you more memorable to clients, which can be a less scary way to network for introverts.

Being an introvert is something you should never apologize for. It has it’s strengths and weaknesses just like extroverts. Finding ways to navigate through your introversion to benefit you can be tricky, but rewarding in the end. I’ve found that by doing these five things, I have been able to improve and grow as an Account Executive and I hope they can do the same for you.


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