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Pinterest vs. Design


Pinterest. How do we use it to our advantage? The creative and account executives of Creative Ink share their stories about how they use Pinterest to its fullest advantage.

Creative Executive:
In high school, I wasted countless hours scrolling through Pinterest and pinning things to my various boards, which included “laughter is the best medicine,” and “virtual closet.” Of course, this was back when I had time to waste. Nowadays, I do still have my miscellaneous fun boards, but my Pinterest account gets the most use as a source of inspiration for my design work. I have general inspiration boards such as package design and design trends, but also individual boards for projects I’m working on. This is extremely helpful because it is a place to save all of my ideas in one place that I can access at any time. Also, the site has a feature that allows you to have various contributors to a board, which serves as an invaluable tool when working on client projects for Creative Ink, where both myself and Lyubov can pin things to inspire our design process. This collaborative process was the primary way we communicated our ideas for our first two projects and will be the way we do so for all future designs.

Account Executive:
Where do people get inspiration? I don’t see Pinterest as a place to just save ideas. Pinterest is a place to share ideas. It is a place where creative people can share their work and each pin leads to a link with more information. As a creative person, Pinterest has shown me what it means to push the limits creatively. Whether it’s a new program or new concept, Pinterest has it and will show you how it’s done. Although I try to get my concepts off Pinterest, it has saved me multiple times when I reach a creative block. It is like any other creative site where ideas are shown and shared. When it comes to starting a new project, the first most important step is research. Pinterest is the perfect place for that. It can show you design work from a certain decade in history, the fashion from that era and even the typography. It makes it easier to insert myself into the time period that I need to be in.

Lastly, Pinterest can easily be used as a portfolio. You can tell a lot about a person by looking at their Pinterest boards. We can easily showcase your work through our pages and that way people can find you when your work appears. This can serve as an outlet for future employers or even people or companies who are looking to hire a freelancer. With so many creative people using Pinterest, it is easy to find others who work in the industry, such as creative directors and see what kind of trends are working and if there is a specific skill you’ll need if you want to work for that director.

Graphic Created by Lyubov Sheremeta


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