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LeadershipWhen I think of leadership, I initially think of Queen Elizabeth, Barack Obama, or Pope Francis. But why? What sets these individuals apart from the rest and makes them powerful leaders? Unfortunately, the answer isn’t something simple like doing yoga first thing in the morning. The truth is, there is no one way to be a leader. There are, however, certain characteristics all strong leaders share. Stephens College recognizes Leadership as one of their Ten Ideals, and define it as empowering others. This means being a force in your community that makes other inspired to make a difference.

In Creative Ink, we have our directors-Brie and Brittany, and we have our advisor-Kate, as our leaders. But they are not the only leaders in the group. Each team is constantly a back and forth collaboration, and we all work together to empower each other and make sure all the work we put out is top tier. All of the people selected this past month by the Ten as an example of leadership were picked for different reasons. Some are RD’s, some are directors or presidents of their clubs, but some are leaders in their daily life. Maybe they are willing to help someone in need, or take the lead on a class project, or initiate some program to make a change on campus. The point is there is no one way to be a leader.

A leader is open and willing to take responsibility for themselves and their team, willing to take advice from others who might know better, are forward thinkers, and are charismatic. You cannot be a leader by standing up and yelling, “follow me!” Well, maybe you can but certainly not a very good one. You have to prove to people why you would be someone they actually want to follow.

When I think of leadership, I think of Queen Elizabeth, Barack Obama, or Pope Francis, but I think it is also important to recognize leaders in your everyday life. Maybe it’s your parents, a professor, your RA, a club president, friend or even yourself. Everyone has the capability to be a leader. Think about it, you are the primary leader of your own life. You are the one who makes the decisions about what you are going to wear, eat, do and say. And if you can lead yourself, who’s to say you can’t lead others?


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