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Advice From Guest Speaker: Marylou Luther

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Fashion Journalism icon Marylou Luther visited the Stephens College campus Tuesday, Nov. 15. In the morning, she attended the ceremony for a historical gift announcement and in the afternoon she spoke to Assistant Professor, Lisa D. Lenoir’s Media Writing class. Professor Lenoir was interested in having Luther speak her Media Writing Class, which is mostly full of Integrated Marketing and Communications students, as she wants the young women to think in a holistically and interdisciplinary way. A small town Nebraska native, Luther looked up to Bill Cunningham, the famous New York photographer known for riding around the city in a blue coat taking pictures of street style.

During Luther’s lecture, she stressed the importance of  “you are what you wear.” Fashion is also coping mechanism and an outlet in this fast paced world. By dressing up, we are treated with authority.

Little things are not discounted, but can have a huge impact in the professional world. Some wisdom she passed down to the college women is to stay relevant by going to events and keeping connections. Luther values manners, smiles, and hard work.

A smile, she added, provides context to what is going on and this can help make us a better creator. Creating is done across many different industries. From fashion designers piecing varying textures of fabric together to a writer stringing words together to promote a company’s mission, creating takes various forms in the 21st century.  At 7:00 in the evening, the Fashion Department presented her film, Off the Runway. She narrated runway trends from designers for spring and summer 2017. She later called this the most eclectic season with varying colors, details/trimmings, and designs. Following the film, Assistant Professor Lisa D. Lenoir moderated a Q&A. Some topics that came up were the rise of American Sportswear (athleisure or ath-luxury) and the many different forms of it, how presidential candidates influence fashion (Melania Trump likes European designers). Globalization and layers also have an invaluable influence on trends and ready to wear pieces.


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