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Website Building for Beginners


Building effective websites can be tricky and can require research, sketching, and a strategic planning process. We’ve provided a few tips and tricks for you to utilize for an overall efficient website design process for any of your website needs.

Research and need-finding. To begin any important project, you should always conduct prior research to utilize as a base for your creative process. Research is the most important element of developing any product or project, and can help drive the success of your work and design. Ask questions, figure out who your target demographic is, what they are looking for, and what they are not. Then ask yourself if what you’re doing is filling or meeting those needs.
Create wireframe sketches. When developing a website, it is helpful and effective to begin your design process with creating wireframe sketches. These sketches will allow you to see the overview of the website design while in the process of creating it. Your sketch should include the general layout of each page within your site, which will give you an idea of where you should place the body copy, header, footer, and other important elements.

Check out for various examples of wireframes.

Write your content. After creating the wireframe sketches, it is time for you to create the content to fill your website. Similar to any other design project, begin by writing your content in Microsoft Word or in a Google Docs document to help minimize mistakes. Adjust and proof the copy as needed, and save it in a safe location.

Build your website. The next step within the process is to pick your application to build your website. There are a multitude of options, each with different levels of experience for creating websites. Many website builders are free for mock-up websites, however, the price to purchase the domain name and web hosting can vary. Once you chose your program, copy and paste the content into the text boxes for each layout. Continue to preview your progress as you proceed through the process. Remember to utilize hierarchy for the most important components of each layout and stick to the basic principles and elements of design.

Best programs for beginners:

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