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An Account’s Worth

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In the world of marketing, most of the time, the results created for our clients are visual graphics. The work of an account executive is the role of a communicator, the writer, and is often behind the scenes. However, accounts and creatives need and should have a Yin-Yang relationship, perfectly balancing one another.  Together, these two roles are storytellers, visionaries and an important asset for any company or client.

But what is an account’s worth?
As one, I say everything.
However, there’s is always room for improvement.
An account, as I mentioned, is a communicator, managing both copy editing/writing and scheduling of timelines and client meetings. An account is the glue to the creative’s paper. But besides writing, conducting research and scheduling meetings, how else can an account increase their worth? Below are a few steps that an account executive can take to further their knowledge and strengthen their skills:

1. Learn graphic design terms. Take a class or two, whether online or in-person. Taking a graphic design class or tutorial will allow you to expand your knowledge of what your creative is doing, how they edit, and what all those pesky terms you hear around mean.

 2. Communication is important! This a big one because even though we are communicators, sometimes that communication between teammates or other co-workers might fall through. Always speak to one another. Always ask questions if you don’t understand.
 3. Learn from each other. This goes with how important communication is. It’s never too late or never too early to learn more. Learn from your creative. Listen to when they speak with clients. Likewise, show your creative some writing tips. Whatever you both do, learn from each other.
4. Stay healthy and sound, both mind and body. Often as an account, you’re in a partnership or team. You all depend one another. So be sure to stay healthy. If you’re not healthy, not taking care of yourself, you might not be able to pull your weight in your team. Plus if your mind is not healthy, if you aren’t finding a de-stresser, it could affect your work in all the wrong ways. Stay hydrated. Take a break if you feel too overwhelmed and walk outside.
An account is an important part of a marketing team. Stay on your game by following these tips. Or make sure to write down and follow some of your own. Whatever you do, be sure to always seek out improvement to increase your professional worth.
Graphic by Shelly Romero

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