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How to Manage Your Time Like a #GirlBoss

Time Management

We’ve all been there: overcommitted and overstressed. Our grades start slipping, we get less sleep, our diet becomes less than stellar and our performance in extra curriculars starts to go downhill. It’s a scene college kids are all too familiar with. However, with a few simple tips, we can manage our time better.

1) Use a Planner. We all know that we are supposed to be using a planner, but sometimes it takes forgetting one event or assignment before we realize the importance of one. Color coding and using a big planner with lots of room for writing are also some good tips.

2) Prioritize. As soon as Saturday morning rolls around, we have great ideas of how to spend our weekend. Before we know it time starts slipping away and we haven’t made a dent. Sometime it takes sitting down and analyzing due dates in order for assignments to get crossed off.

3) Take frequent breaks. Set a timer and after a certain amount of time, take a break. Meet some friends for a smoothie, go for a run or walk in nature. You will come back refreshed and ready to tackle the next thing on your to-do list.

4) Get out of your room. Some people have a hard time focusing in their room and find themselves able to accomplish more in a neutral setting without distractions. For some, it is the quiet library and for others it is starbucks. Find where you work best and make sure you focus.

Everyone works differently. Some like to listen to music while others like quiet. It’s important to experiment and see how you work best and can accomplish more. Learning to set your own boundaries and creating your own deadlines are also important aspects of managing time efficiently.  Sometimes we have to learn time management through trial and error. But, this is one important skill we can take with us for the rest of our lives.

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