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The Benefits of Event Marketing

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Event marketing is a useful and exciting form of marketing. It is a valuable tool that many businesses do not utilize as well as they could, despite the benefits. Successful planning and carrying out an event can be expensive and difficult. However, event marketing is well worth the trouble, as it offers many unique advantages.

Event marketing directly targets potential consumers. Events require face-to-face interaction. At events, it is possible to get direct real-time feedback that is not available in other forms of marketing. This form of marketing can also target a large but specialized group of people. Events are attended mainly by individuals from the local community. This makes event marketing a good choice for small businesses who seek out local clients. Event marketing can also be useful for building relations with local communities.

Events are typically planned in a way that reflect the values and products offered by an organization. For example, if an organization puts on an event to raise money for a local charity, they start to build a positive reputation and relationship with the community they do business in. Reputation is important when running business and events can raise reputation.

Events can also be a great way to raise awareness of a company and what they do and offer. For example, in spring 2016, Creative Ink teamed up with local illustration and letterpress studio, 1Canoe2 and put on a talk and pop-up shop with Beth Snyder, the co-founder of the company. Many people on the Stephens College campus were introduced to the company and their work through this event as it allowed them to see firsthand the products that the company made.

The talk also helped 1Canoe2 tell its story and connect with the Stephens community. This is another advantage of event marketing: it helps build connections with communities. When people go to events, they interact with businesses and communities and they build memories. Those memories will create associations that can draw people to a business. Part of marketing is storytelling. Events can add to the story of a business or organizations and attract people who become lifelong clients due to the experience they had at an event.

Finally, event marketing can be a good way to build up hype and introduce openings, new products and major organizational changes. When they first open, many businesses will have some sort of grand opening event to introduce themselves to the community. Events give a change, a new product or even a new business a sense of importance. It makes the change seems special. In addition, some businesses will team up with other businesses to promote or test out a product. There are many concepts and businesses that originally started out testing the waters as pop-up shops. A business choosing to team up with another business for an event can often turn out to be a mutually beneficial arrangement for both parties.


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