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Meet Mindset Marketing: The Newest Way To Target Individuals

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With more and more people spending time on social media, businesses are developing new ways to target them. Mindset marketing is defined as targeting specific groups who are united by a shared set of needs and experiences. It’s redefining demographics. A popular and growing form of social media is LinkedIn. The uniqueness of this online resume and career sharing website makes it an unlikely platform for advertisers, but marketers are jumping at the opportunities this provides.

B2B Marketing reports that brands are noticing new “professional moments” and are targeting those who are entering a new phase of their career.  Professional moments can be defined as promotions, relocations, pay raises or even career changes. With promotions comes increases in income, savings and spending. Oftentimes, lifestyle choices are closely re-examined when going through a new phase of one’s career. Cars, vacations, schools, clothing and luxury items are purchases that are given a closer look when more money comes into the picture.

Brands usually find that the most direct route to approach potential clients is through inMail, LinkedIn’s private messaging system. According to B2B Marketing, LinkedIn users who have recently been promoted are 54% more likely to check their InMail, 45% more likely to stay up to date on industry discussions. Brands see these users as excellent targets because they are twice as likely to share relevant content than the average member.

It’s important to remember that Mindset Marketing is only effective if done right. Target someone who recently lost their job and a company could be in hot water. Using data and insights is key for mindset marketing to be successful. Although it takes time to pour over data and insights, it is worth the time if developing relationships and sales success is key.

Whether you are marketing cars, hotels or clothing, the ability to track down and engage these potential clients during a professional moment is powerful when building a successful relationship.


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