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The Best Apps for Productive Creative People

apps for creatives

Hey busy bee, we see you. You’re balancing classes, homework, extracurriculars, a job and a social life. Please allow us to celebrate you. Not only are you killing the game, you’re doing it with a style that no one can imitate. We know it’s difficult to balance everything, though. Our planners are full; our bags are heavy; our brains are always buzzing with bright ideas. Let us help you stay on your grind with five apps that save you time, money and will help keep you as stress-free as possible.



iScanner – PDF Document Scanner

Sometimes, you need to send meeting notes to a client or partner and you don’t have the time to run home or to the library to scan your notes. iScanner is an excellent app for when you find yourself in a scanner-free pickle. All you have to do is lay out what it is you want to be scanned and take a picture on the app. iScanner will convert your scanned image into a PDF and you can share important papers on the go.



You never realize how much eating out really costs until you check your bank account and panic. It’s 2016 and balancing your checkbook is outdated. Luckily, Wally is here to save you time and money. This app lets you enter your income–which is very helpful when you work freelance or have money coming in at odd times–and then calculates how much you should spend and save that month. When you buy something, you can enter how much you spent, where you spent, and what you spent your money on. Graphs show you how much you spend on things like groceries, gas, and eating out. It’s an easy way to keep track of your money while also learning good saving habits.



Sleep Cycle

Running on little sleep is no fun. It’s also not good for your body. Even when you do get a little shut eye, sometimes you can wake up feeling like you didn’t sleep at all. If you don’t have a Fitbit or other health monitoring device, apps like Sleep Cycle help you keep track of your sleep. Before you go to bed, you set an alarm in the app, start the monitoring feature, and lay your phone facedown on your nightstand. While you sleep, the microphone on your cell will monitor your breathing and movement while ignoring other sounds such as a partner or pet. In the morning, within a half hour of your wakeup time, the alarm will grow progressively louder until you wake up. Once you turn the alarm off, you receive a graph that shows you how long you slept and how deeply. Sleep Cycle will help you monitor your sleeping habits and will hopefully improve them.

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Assembly – Design graphics

Creative people are always thinking of the next project. If you just can’t make it to a computer, Assembly will do the trick. Assembly allows you to build vector graphics on your phone. By manipulating shapes, you can build beautiful vectors on your phone. This app is great for brainstorming or showing clients quick mock up ideas before you even leave the intake session.



Another useful app for the designer on the go is the Pantone app. Pantone allows you to take a picture of something and will then identify the colors in image. If a client asks for fire hydrant red, all you have to do is snap a picture and you have the exact color ID. Color matching can be difficult, especially for those who can’t see the full color spectrum. Pantone will simplify your colorful life–in a good way.


Graphic by Maddy Spall

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