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Using Smart Phones irresponsibly causes disconnection

Are Smart Phones enabling disconnectedness or improving work ethic?

Wireless devices help employees work away from their desks, make communication easier, and make information available anytime, anywhere.

Smart Phones and other wireless devices have also increased impatience, distractions, and makes for less face-to-face time with people.

Ironically, Smart Phones were made to improve communication. It has led to much advancement in digital communication, but since its debut more people opt to communicate via text or email rather than verbally or in person.

The glow from screens is not good for eyes. Looking at screens for too long can cause eyestrain. Consistent time looking at a screen can cause headaches, itchy eyes, and blurred vision.

Another problem that too much screen time can cause is difficulty focusing. Too many distractions online paired with the strain the screen causes make for trouble concentrating.

While the innovation of communication tools has revolutionized the business world, there are downsides. Technology is good in moderation, and wireless devices can make work tremendously easier. Avoid distractions online and cut down on unnecessary screen time. Technology is helpful and can cut down on work when used responsibly and correctly.

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