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Diamonds Aren’t a Girl’s Best Friend

Diamonds, a symbol for love and longevity, the key token of courtship. A diamond is forever, but only because they don’t want you to sell it back to them. In society, women are taught us to look forward to the day that some lucky person puts a ring on it—a diamond ring preferably. But not only have diamonds cost thousands of lives, but they have also cost you thousands of dollars for something that is essentially worthless. People should stop buying diamond engagement rings.

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Nothing to Prove

“Hi, my name is Ella Witt and I’ll be singing Fly Into the Future from Vanities and performing Rose from Street Scene”. I stood and felt the weight of the stuffy theatre faculty’s eyes on every inch of my body. The song I’d been practicing for the past year sat frozen in my throat. Continue reading

Witch Better Go to Open Mic Night

10:15 pm. Wednesday. Campus is completely dead. You and your roommate bundle up in your sweatshirts and head out into the chilly quad. You creep through the depths of Dudley Hall, past Stars Cafe–which is surprisingly eerie when vacant–and enter the Arena Classroom. Continue reading

The Verdict Is in: The Warehouse Theater’s Production of the Anastasia Trials is Guilty of Being Stunning

The Anastasia Trials was masterfully presented by Stephens College’s own Warehouse Theatre Company. I can only describe this piece as a brilliant display of passion for the source material written by Carolyn Gage and directed by Stephens own senior BFA major Isabelle Scheibe. This satire, filled comedy about an all-woman theater troupe (The Emma Goldman Theatre Brigade) battling it out in the court of women is truly an experience. With audience participation and humor that rivals The Book of Mormon, what’s not to love?

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A Fun, Interactive Way to Watch Theatre

The Anastasia Trials in the Court of Women, written by Carolyn Gage, is about a group of young women preparing for a show about the coutroom trials of Anastasia. Anastasia was the Duchess of Russia and the youngest daughter of the Russian Tsar Nicholas II. Anastasia’s family was executed after a mutiny in Russia, and Anastasia is believed to have survived and escaped to America. This play examines what happens to her after she arrives in America. Continue reading