How to Change Your Oil

One of the best times in my life was when I was standing in front of my car just a couple of days after turning sixteen.

I was looking under the hood of a 1998 Ford f-150 that was black and had rust spots. When you got out of the driver’s side, you had to be careful not to cut yourself on a rust spot that had a sharp edge on it. I was sitting there waiting for my papa to tell me everything I needed to know and how to do everything before driving. We called this the papa driving and car-fixing lesson. We would learn how to check and change tires, oil, windshield wiper fluid, and much more during this lesson. He did this for all of the grandkids and many of my high school friends. When watching my papa help my friends, it hit me that people are not always as lucky to have someone to show them what they need to know about cars.

The things you need 

Before you get down and dirty, you need a couple of things. So if there is something, you will have to stop the price from getting it. Most items can find within different stores like Walmart plus auto stores. To start, you need about 7 quarts of oil now. This does not matter what kind of oil you get as long as it’s motor oil. The oil cost will change depending on what you are looking for. You may want to grab a five-gallon bracket or an oil pan as you are back by the oil. This will help check the oil when you pull the flitter off. Then as you are at the store, you need to get two different wrench types. You will need to pick up a ⅝ twist to use when taking the drain plug out. There is also get an oil filtter wrench. This is going to help to get the oil flitter off.  If you are worried about getting your hand dirty, you should get nylon gloves. You also should pick up some Vaseline. This will help loosen some of the joints and ease in the O-rings that you also need to pick up when you are at the automotive store. If you have any problem finding these things, you can ask someone who will help.  Last but not least, you need to put on clothing that you are not very worried about because you will get oil all over. During the oil change and as you were working on getting the filter off, you will have to stop after you get it off and take it into an automotive store. At the store, the manager or whoever you were talking with Will hope you find the correct oil filter to fit your car, and then if they have it, you will pay there.

How to check the oil, and what are you looking for?

If you do not check and change your oil, your vehicle will blow up. The oil acts as a lubricant for the engine. While it runs, the engine will stall and stop working there without the lubricant, catching on fire and burning. To do this, you need to go to the front of the car and open the hood. If you are unsure how to get the hood open, this is a small latch that you have to pull left or right. When you get the hood up, you need to look for a small black pole that you will put in a small hole in the top of the hood. This will keep it open as you are working. 

After you have gotten the hood open, you will be looking for a little black handle with a small circle that you can put your finger through. This is your dipstick. When you find the dipstick, you will need to pull it out, whip it off with a shop reg and return it to the spot where you found it. Then you will pull it out again and turn it sideways. This way, you can see the end of the stick you are looking for oil above the add line. You are good to go if it is above the added line.  If you have not gone over 5,000 mils, it is time to refill your oil. But if that is not the case, then it is time to change the oil and the filter.

 How to change your oil filter?

When your car hits 5,000 you have to be ready to get dirty and get under your vehicle. The first step is to find a hoist, ramps, or jack stands.  You can find all of these parts at your local napa, O’Reilly, or AutoZone. This will allow you to get under your car and be step up for the next step. Make sure when you are doing this that you are being safe. When the vehicle is up on ramps or whatever you have, ensure you have enough room to get your body under it and have spaces to move around. When you have done that, you need to find something to put them in oil, you can’t let the oil just drain on the ground. There will be a lot of oil. When you put the used oil in a bucket, it should fill the bucket from a gallon to a gallon and a half. Before you take the drain plug the rest of the way out, you need to make sure that you put nitrile gloves on to protect your skin. You need nitrile gloves because the oil can irritate the skin. After taking your drain plug out, you have to take the oil filter off and make sure your bucket or drain pan will catch it because the oil will come out of the filter.  After you take the filter off the filter may differ from different parts stores and depending on the car and what part store you go to. Your oil filter will or may be different. It just depends on what kind of vehicle you have before you put the new filter on your car. You need to put your nitrile glove on, stick your finger in the oil and get some on your finger so you can lubricate the rubber o’ring before placing the filter on. You need to make sure that the old O’ring came off with the old filter, then you put your new filter on hand tight, then another quarter turn. Then you put the car’s drain plug back in, start the drain plug in and screw it in with your fingers till you can’t anymore, then grab your wrench and snug the plug the rest of the way down without striping the threading of the plug.

Refill the oil 

 To refill your oil, you will have an oil fill cap either on the top of your engine or on the valve cover on the side of the engine. You will have to take that off to refill the oil, but you need to get a funnel before putting the oil. So you don’t spill any on your exhaust manifold or the top of the motor. After you take the fill cap off and put the funnel in the fill hole, you can start putting the oil in but make sure you use factory-specific oil, and It does not matter what kind of oil you use. It just has to say motor oil and amount in the car. After placing the correct amount of oil in it, you need to pull your funnel out. Make sure you have a shop towel in your hand to cover the end of the funnel to keep it from dripping oil everywhere. Then you put the fill cap back. You need to start the car and let it run for 30 seconds. Then you need to shut the car off and go around and pull the dipstick out and make sure that the oil is above the add mark in the safe area of the dipstick. After that, you put the dipstick back in and then close the hood. While you check everything to make sure it is good, you also need to have good oil pressure. The oil pressure will come up on the dash when you turn on your car. If everything has been checked and it is good, you are done changing the oil and can go in and wash your hands.

One of the best days of my life was when I learned all I needed to make sure my car would be running right and last a long time. Nothing will ever beat the one-on-one time with someone who had made a hug in the pack within my life. I have only really learned that time with your loved ones is something you can never get back. So take that time to say I love you or go fishing, or listen to that story that you heard a million times just one more time. That’s why you should always think about taking the papa driving and car-fixing lessons. 



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