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Diamonds Aren’t a Girl’s Best Friend

Diamonds, a symbol for love and longevity, the key token of courtship. A diamond is forever, but only because they don’t want you to sell it back to them. In society, women are taught us to look forward to the day that some lucky person puts a ring on it—a diamond ring preferably. But not only have diamonds cost thousands of lives, but they have also cost you thousands of dollars for something that is essentially worthless. People should stop buying diamond engagement rings.

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What’s the Point of Using Ranked Choice Voting?

In the election of November 2018, the State of Maine used a different voting system than the traditional American voting system. The system was called Ranked Choice Voting (RCV), and as this was the first election that I was able to participate in, I wanted to understand why change the system; why use this different voting style? Continue reading

Waiting Won’t Kill You

My senior year of high school I made a pact with the a few underclassmen that became a lot like family to me, and we decided to wait until we walked across the stage on each of our graduation days to have sex for the first time. Continue reading

Corsets Are Not A Torture Device

The word “Corset” probably brings to your mind an image of a Victorian woman holding onto a post as a maid pulls with all her strength on two cords causing a torture-like contraption to squeeze the woman’s waist into something to resemble the size of a toothpick. Though that in-the-paper comic-style humor isn’t entirely wrong, it does keep an unhealthy stereotyping of corsets going.

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Coexist With Grey Wolves

The gray wolf survived the climatic and environmental changes of the late Pleistocene and early Holocene periods, and this animal continued to enjoy a wide distribution through most of the Holocene (“Grey Wolf” [Explore]). In less technical terms, this means that the gray wolf survived the last ice age. Then the humans migrated to the Americas, and the gray wolf met its match.

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