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Stripes on the 26th

Stripes on the 26th

Thursday, September 26th, 2019: It was approximately ten minutes until 10 A.M. when that familiar ding-dong from the intercom interrupted our jazz strings rehearsal. Our ears perked up, our bows lowered slowly, and I twitched in my black-and-white striped shirt as the principal’s gruff voice filled the orchestra room with his mundane announcements. However, this morning’s message struck differently. Continue reading


 In seconds it disappears. A thought or idea appearing from my disarranged mind. A sentence beginning to form. A new perspective brought into the world. Forgotten. Forever chasing. As one thought emerges, waves of ideas quickly flood my mind leaving me with the scattered unfinished thoughts. By the time I could say it out loud or try to think about it again the words became lost. 

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To Live

The first time I thought about ending my own life, I was ten years old. I stared at the walls of my small room—pink on the upper half, lilac on the bottom—and cried. I imagined my death as a movie, with a hero saving me at the very end. I cried in relief that someone had been there to rescue me, even if they were only in my head. Continue reading