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Cassidy is a first year college student still navigating her way through the beginning phases in her life. She enjoys playing softball constantly and reading all kinds of books, when she has the time.

By The Way, This Play is for Those Over 70

When my composition professor first told me I would need to pick something to review, other than the Jonas Brothers’ concert–I was heartbroken to say the least. So while looking through my options, I stumbled upon something called Talking Horse Theatre and a little play called By the Way, Meet Vera Stark produced by Adam Brietzke. After reading a quick synopsis. “Young black maid in the fifties struggles through Hollywood to make it big” I decided it was worth a shot, and that I’d probably enjoy it more than an art exhibit. I was half right.  Continue reading

How to Try to Hit a Softball

I initially wanted to try to teach you how to hit a softball, but then thought better of it as some people just might not be able to hit the ball, no matter how hard they try or how good my advice is. There are also a million different approaches a batter can take up at the plate, so who am I to tell you my approach is the best, or the only way you can hit the ball? I instead decided I would give you all the knowledge you would, in theory, need to try to hit the ball Continue reading

Blurred Vision

The weather seemed to quickly be changing from a warm September to a breezy, cool October. I looked away from the houses blurring by as we drove to the doctor scheduled for today, and instead looked down at my swollen fingers; they made for a rather unsettling look for a sophomore in high school. Continue reading