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Brockhampton: The Best Boyband in the World

Following the release of their fourth studio album, Iridescence, the boyband Brockhampton kicked off their I’ll Be There tour. The songs on the album are a collection of lows and highs, touching on subjects such as sexuality and the dark side of fame. Compared to the Saturation album series, this album is more emotional and hard-hitting.  Continue reading

How to Swim Breaststroke Properly

You may be wondering why you really need to learn how to swim breaststroke properly. Well, there are many reasons.You can impress a date or blow away an enemy with your skill (although I don’t know what situation you would be in if you need this knowledge to blow away your enemy). Continue reading

Raising My Hand Through Silence

Tissues and tears are vivid flashbacks I have of that day. My shaky hands tearing apart tissues as I questioned my own experience’s validity, the lump in my throat closing in on any possibility of words spilling out of my mouth. I fought against every muscle in my body tensing, telling me I shouldn’t do it.

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How to Do Winged Eyeliner

Creating a perfectly winged eyeliner may be one of the hottest makeup trends in recent memory. Since 2015, the style of liner has become increasingly popular, creating an ever-growing list of liquid and felt-tipped eyeliner products to choose from.

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How to Avoid the Freshman Fifteen

College is said to be the best years of our lives. We’re finally able to live by our own rules and be whoever we want to be. The taste of freedom you feel as a freshman is exciting and new. You want to stay up until two in the morning? Great! You want to eat an ice cream cone with dinner every day? No one’s stopping you! Continue reading