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Using Pinterest In Your Creative Process


Every designer has a different opinion when it comes to Pinterest. Some absolutely despise it while others feel it is a vital part of their creation process. However you may feel about it, Pinterest can be a quick and easy way to start getting ideas for a project.

Before we really get into this there are some basic terms to know: pin, board, and section. A pin is one of the images that you click on when browsing the site, a board is where you keep the pins you save, and a you can create sections within each board to keep things organized.

I have personally been using Pinterest for years for my own personal entertainment, keeping images that made me laugh and potential craft ideas. Since my personal Pinterest has become quite a massive beast in itself, I created one specifically for my professional ideation. I have found it easiest to create a board for each project I’m working on rather than having one board with an excessive amount of sections. Keeping your boards and pins organized can make it much easier when you are trying to show your creative process to others.

When filling your boards: follow your creative process. What do you look for first? Do you look for color pallets? Typography? Images? Pinterest is a great source when looking for these. Since Pinterest is such an image heavy site, it is really easy to look for color pallets either preconstructed or from beautiful images that you pull swatches from yourself. You can also find wonderful examples of hand-lettering ranging from elegant to grunge.

Pinterest is a wonderful place to get inspired but not to copy. While on Pinterest you can also find various logos people have designed. There is a difference between stealing another person’s design and getting inspired from another person’s design. To some that might be a very thin line, but it is always something to consider when using any source, not just Pinterest.

The most satisfying part of this process is sitting back once you have amassed your pins and letting the inspiration flow through you. You’ve now created a board with colors, shapes, textures, and patterns that you think might go with the project you have in mind. The best part of Pinterest is that it is a digital mood board that you can carry with you, even on your phone! Pinterest has an app that is just as easy to use as the browser version, and keeps all of your boards updated across platforms for inspiration on the go! Did you find something while searching on Google that you just have to add to a board? No problem! There’s a browser extension for Chrome that allows you to pin any image from just about anywhere online!

So next time you start a project sit back, relax, grab your favorite drink, and get to pinning down the vague ideas you have in your head. That way, they’re even closer to becoming a reality.

Graphics and Copy by Kaitlyn Mahin.


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