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The branding for your favorite burger joint, Shake Shack? A woman led that team.
The brilliant design and architecture for the New Contemporary Museum of New York? A woman did that.

Chances are we have come across a striking composition, color palette, or a logo that was created by a brilliant female designer. According to Kerning the Gap, a mentoring program for designers, 70 percent of design students are women, but only 11 percent work as Creative Directors of firms nationwide. There is an obvious disconnect between those qualified and those that have shattered ceilings high enough to open doors for themselves and others. And the remaining women? Some have gone on to work independently, or even start their own firms. Below is a list of women-led firms and independent designers to support on your own journey of breaking the norm.

Blok is a design studio and self-proclaimed creator of “indelible experiences that profoundly
affect people and in some way help expand their understanding of the world around them.”
Led by women, they have worked with notable entities like Nike, Toyota, Ogilvy & Mather, and the Miami Art Museum.

You can find more on this firm at

Leta works out of New York City as an independent designer and art director. She has been working independently since 2013 with brands like Gucci, Target, Uniqlo, Adobe, and The New York Times. She combines photography, styling, and graphics to create her original work.

Check out Leta at

Veronica Fuerte began Hey Studio in 2007 after graduating college. She now works with a
small team in Barcelona delivering package design, branding services, and other design needs to clients like General Electric, Apple, CBS, and Inditex.

Check out more work by hey studio here

Jing is an illustrator based in East London. She studies cities and plants, and it certainly shows through her work. Some of the clients have included, Samsung, Adobe, Canon, and others.

Here’s a link to Jing’s site to view some of her illustrations!

Shameless plug! We are an agency of women led by women. We service clients through branding and logo design, marketing materials, and so much more.

You can check out more of our work at

I hope you’ve been inspired by the work of the phenomenal designers above. Continue to
shatter those ceilings.

Graphic Created by Jonne Pratt

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