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The Important of Company Culture


The topic of company culture is becoming more relevant in today’s workplace. Before the start of this semester, Brittany and I established a set of goals to guide us during our time as Creative Ink Directors. We quickly agreed that implementing a strong company culture within the firm was our #1 goal. After both completing summer internships and comparing experiences, it was obvious that a workplace with a strong company culture was one of the best parts of our experience.

Before we could begin establishing how to strengthen our company culture we looked into the companies who were doing it right. Big corporations such as Google and Microsoft have been known to have a great company culture, offering their employees amazing benefits and extracurricular. Out of all our research, our biggest inspiration came from Veterans United. They provide excellent benefits, with a strong emphasis on personal development and overall health.

What is company culture?
One of the best definitions we stumbled upon while doing research came from They defined company culture as the “personality of a company. That defines the environment in which employees work.” In other words, company culture is the norms in the office in addition to the way people communicate with each other. The strongest companies focus on strengthening their culture both in and out of the office through non-work related dinners, retreats, lunch and learns, and hiking adventures.

Importance of Company Culture
1. Communication and trust. By establishing a strong foundation of trust it can help prevent any tension and develop stronger communication.
2. Value. A part of cultivating a strong company culture is the employee’s understanding of how valuable and appreciated they are, which often produces great results.
3. Motivation. Employees are more likely to put in 100% when they are in an environment that lifts them up and excites them to do their job. This is evident when comparing successful companies and their internal culture.

Creative Ink’s Culture
Creative Ink is considered to be a team-based culture, with each firm member collaborating together to establish a final result. Part of our culture is encouraging others to ask for help during challenging times, and supporting each other both inside and outside the office. Our other big focus is maintaining a place that’s collaborative, professional, but also fun. We strive to cultivate an environment where creative leaders can thrive. Keeping in mind our mission to Learn. Grow. and Lead.


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