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Belief and Creative Ink

Belief and Creative Ink

Belief in our changing selves and in our right to change. This is Stephens College’s definition of belief, which I completely agree with. If I could add onto this, I would define belief as recognizing all the effort you’ve put forth in all aspects of your life, and still allowing yourself to work harder to reach your full potential. There are many ways to define belief and a good chunk of those definitions involve belief in others, not just yourself. Both pertain to my experience being a part of the Creative Ink team and both possibly pertain to yours in your workplace or life in general, too.

I was a freshman in college when I first heard of Creative Ink. The Firm and Creative Director, at the time, came to one of my classes to inform us about what Creative Ink was and encourage us to apply. I remember my initial thought being, “wow, I want in.” Everything about Creative Ink appealed to me, the people, the experience, and the way they professionally presented themselves. My second semester of my freshman year I decided to apply. At that point, I knew nothing about graphic design and to be honest, not much about marketing either. Of course, you don’t need to be a graphic design or marketing major to be a part of Creative Ink, but since I am an Integrated Marketing Communications major, it was important. After submitting my application with some writing samples, I had my first formal interview with the Creative Ink Directors. I remember being terrified and hoping somehow they would hire me. Unfortunately, I didn’t get in. I was devastated, but now looking back on it, I realize I wasn’t ready. I decided to wait until I had a few more marketing classes under my belt and felt like I was truly ready to apply again. A year and a half later, I applied again and I am now a second-semester Creative Inker. There are three things I learned from this experience that I want to share with you.

1. Belief is having confidence in yourself. After I didn’t make Creative Ink the first time around, I chose to better myself so I would have a greater chance of getting into the marketing firm. I had confidence in myself when I reapplied, knowing that I had done everything I could to help my chances of getting into Creative Ink, which transferred to my interview.

2. Belief is having confidence in others. I had to trust and respect the Directors on their choice of not accepting me into the firm. I simply just wasn’t ready and that was okay. They made decisions based on what was best for the firm. Having known that, I made sure I could become part of what was best for the firm in the future.

3. Belief is allowing yourself to reach your full potential. I mentioned this already, but I strongly believe that belief plays a huge part in this. I worked harder the second time I applied to Creative Ink. I learned and grew tremendously in the time between my first and second interview. I also made sure my application and portfolio content were as perfect as they could be before I submitted them. Had I given up, I wouldn’t be in Creative Ink and Creative Ink wouldn’t have helped shape me into the young professional that I now am.

I hope these three lessons have resonated with you in some way. Belief is just one of Stephens College’s ten ideals and this ideal has impacted me most throughout my college career because it’s helped shape who I am today. I choose everyday to embody belief along with Stephen’s other nine ideals.


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