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Landing Your Dream Internship


If you’re anything like me, you have been contemplating an internship since the second you set foot on Stephens campus. An internship is a valuable tool that allows you to make connections and gain real life experience that you may not get in the classroom. Searching for an internship can be a time consuming and stressful job, especially when you have a “dream internship” you can’t get out of your head. Here are some tips for landing an internship you love:

Make a list of companies you would want to intern for

You are allowed to have multiple “dream internships!” This list will help motivate you and help you hold yourself accountable. After you make a list, do your research. If their application hasn’t opened yet, start a list with potential contacts to network with. Sending emails to people asking for a job can seem awkward or like you’re annoying, but networking can be your biggest tool.

Start early

While most companies don’t open their applications until the spring semester, it is better to start planning early. I began my search the summer before my junior year.  A good rule would be to have your resume and cover letter ready to go when you get back from summer break. This way you can start applying to those that open in the fall and have everything ready for the spring applications.

Be Persistent & Patient

I can’t say this enough: FOLLOW UP! If you don’t get a response, politely email them again. You can even do even more research to find another contact to email.

Practice your interview skills

One of the most important things that I have learned about being interviewed is learning how to talk about yourself in an articulate way. You should be personable, yet professional. Type out answers to common questions. This can be helpful because even if they don’t ask you the exact questions, you can usually adjust your answers to those questions. Practicing will make you more confident and comfortable.

Perfect your resume

This is one of the most obvious tips I can give. Perfect your resume and make sure it showcases your strongest skills. Along with not having any spelling or grammatical errors, your resume should be well designed and aesthetically pleasing. Your design shouldn’t take away from the content on your resume, but rather highlight what you’re communicating.


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