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Things Graphic Designers Say & Do

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Graphic designers go about and view the world in a different way that many people are not aware of. However, if you have a friend that is a graphic designer, you may have a hint of what that might include. It’s the little things that spark inspiration or observation to everything they encounter in their everyday routine. The proper design on labels, packaging, signs, templates, logos, advertisements, photographs, album covers, patterns, and more are examples of things that hold a special appreciation in the mind and heart of a graphic designer. Any design that features an off-kilter alignment or poor color and font pairing will be easily recognizable to any graphic designer, making it difficult for them not to critique (friends of graphic designers– you know what I mean).

For those who don’t personally know a graphic designer, here is a list of things that design geniuses say and do. If you’re a graphic designer, then you will understand and give an ‘Amen.’

1. Comic Sans… just, NO.
The #1 WHAT NOT TO USE rule for all graphic designers. Never should you use this font–unless you seek an early death in this life as a professional.

2. Communication through images.
A graphic designer is an artist. It is a gift and talent to visually communicate a message to the public eye. Like fine art, design is a powerful and inspirational tool.

3. Judging menus
In any restaurant, graphic designers can’t help but look at the menu from front to back and judge its design. They most likely spend more time taking mental notes while looking at the menu than figuring out what they want to eat.

4. “Is that Bebas?”
Whether it’s out loud or in their heads, graphic designers are guessing fonts from their mind’s library and usage experience.

5. Brainstorming
The eye for design is everywhere around you as a graphic designer. They take time to sketch and jot down ideas for all sorts of projects to start on screen later.

6. “Ummm. That’s not coral; it’s salmon.”
Colors in this world are defined so much more than just the colors of the rainbow. Graphic designers will tell you the differences when it comes to viewing colors. Furthermore, they will gladly educate you on the differences between CMYK and RGB.

7. Beer and fine wine (labels)
Again, their appreciation for design is an influencer of buying behaviors. There isn’t a time that one graphic designer has not purchased a beer or wine based on the label design. It encourages the designers to try something new!

8. Apple products
Sorry Android, but Apple is a must for all graphic designers. It’s an understood staple to handle all their Adobe programs and design tools.

9. Scratches on tables
You can thank/shame graphic designers for all the scratches on tables and desks from cutting print work. Especially in graphic design rooms.

10. “Sleep? HA. Nope.”
It’s common to find graphic designers awake at ungodly hours of the night, slaving away to their precious work. They’re hardworking individuals and willing to sacrifice some sleep to complete a project.

11. Slightly OCD
Which is a good thing in the world of design, because they will strive to provide their best work at perfection.
Graphic by Allie Wilson

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