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Skills For Writing in Marketing

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Writing is a part of marketing. Putting together copy, press releases, blog writing and other mediums are all essential components of a complete marketing program. However, a career in writing marketing material takes more than just writing skills alone. Here are six skills that are necessary for successful marketing writing.

  1. Versatility: A part of writing for marketing purposes is to have versatility in writing styles and voices. The writing style that works for a blog post is not the writing style that works for a press release. Often a marketing writer has to wear many hats and speak to many audiences. Many marketing writing positions will list versatility as a quality that is necessary in employees.

  2. Ability build emotional connections with an audience: Marketing is about getting out a message. Often this requires building a relationship with an audience. A way to build a relationship is to create materials that reaches audiences in a way that is somehow emotional, be it funny, heartwarming or even sad. This helps to build a relationship. When someone is touched emotionally, they are more receptive to messages, because their walls are torn down at that moment.

  3. Understanding and being able to convey the brand image of who you are writing for: Part of writing for a brand is understanding the image a brand wants to build in the mind of a consumer. Brand image often relates to a consumer’s desires for themselves. In addition, the writing for a brand must be distinct. A customer should be able to tell what brand writing came from without seeing a logo or the organization’s name, while still being appropriate for the purpose and medium.

  4. Self-editing skills: An important part of professional marketing writing is being able to edit work to have almost no spelling or grammar issues. Spelling or grammar issues make even good work seem unprofessional, and are sometimes grounds for failing a job interview or not getting a call back. In addition, wording and obvious writing issues can be highly harmful for a professional writer. Being able to tell what type of wording is most beneficial for getting a message across and communication.

  5. AP Style: The most common style used for marketing writing. Knowledge of this style is important to proper marketing writing. It is typically used for journalism type writing. Writing rules are different in this style than in most academic writing, for example there is no use of the oxford comma in AP style.

  6. Understanding of the industry: When writing for marketing purposes, it is important to have an understanding of the industry you are writing the materials for. A part of marketing is being able to explain what makes a product or service special or desirable in terms understandable by the average person. In order to be able to effectively do that it is important to have a deep enough knowledge of the industry to explain concepts without the use of technical terms and jargon.


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