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Market Like You Meme It


There are trends in fashion. There are trends in health. There are trends in marketing. And then there are trends on the Internet. These trends are often started with no intention for them to go anywhere. Fortunately, sometimes content catches on and it is shared over and over again via social media channels such as Tumblr and Twitter. These wildfire trends are called memes and they are extremely valuable to humor lovers and marketers alike.

The word meme was first presented in The Selfish Gene, by Richard Dawkins, as a way to explain the cultural spread of information. Dawkins explained Internet memes, specifically, as the “hijacking of [an] original idea.” Internet memes have the added benefit of being traceable and easy to analyze their travel through the web-sphere.

As marketers, we are always up-to-date on the latest trends in design and distribution. Being knowledgeable about current trends in social media is a huge part of our job. However, taking advantage of memes isn’t as easy for marketers as it is for casual web surfers. When marketers and advertisers use memes and quick trends, they must communicate effectively without losing the hilarity of the meme, or the integrity of their company.

Memes come and go quickly and rely on humor to be appealing to a wide audience. When a new meme blossoms, marketing masterminds need to jump on the trend quickly before the content becomes irrelevant. Not only must one keep track of social media trends and have others in the firm do the same, but you must also be capable of relating your message to content that already exists. This takes a keen eye and a good sense of humor.

With quick wit and good execution, marketers can take advantage of memes and trends. Check out some great examples of meme marketing below.


Company: Clorox

Meme: Damn Daniel


Company: Spirit Airlines

Meme: This could be us but you playin’


Company: Anthony Rubio Designs

Meme: Call Me Maybe

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