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Logos: Psychology & Understanding

Logos are used to identify the person or business it represents. The meaning of the logo comes from the quality of the person or business it symbolizes. It is more important that the message in a logo gets across than to have a highly designed logo, so do not follow trends unless it fits because logos should be able to last 5-10 years. Logos should be easily recognizable, simple, and be effective without color.


Logos identify, but they also have psychological meaning. It could be said that a logo is the creation of a visual word; people interact with logos the same way they interact with words. The way people view a logo is dictated by society. Depending on education or industry people can have different views of the same logo, similar to people have differing understandings of the same word. The more one understands the attributes of the logo the more control one has on what people understand as the meaning in the logo.


The shape and color of a logo is the largest part of creating the symbolism. Shape is the most important part of a logo because the human mind is wired to memorize and remember them. The more distinctive a shape is the longer we remember it. Small details can have a big impact on the feeling of the logo. The psychology of color is also important to create when creating a logo. For example, in America the color blue can signify sincerity, confidence, and integrity; red can signify energy and action; and white can imply hope and goodness.


Taking this thought process into account we took a look at some of the logos from past and present presidential candidates. Though the designs are different, the use of red, white, and blue are the same for every candidate because they are understood as patriotic.


Barack Obama: This logo inspired hope and belief in a better future.


Jeb Bush: Invokes action through the use of the exclamation point.

Ted Cruz: The use of the flame symbol evokes these feelings; hope, freedom, and the American dream Рmuch like the Statue of Liberty’s torch.

HIllary Clinton: In this logo the arrow implies action and moving forward.

Bernie Sanders: The waving lines at the bottom of this logo remind us of the American flag.


Taking into account that everyone gets their design inspiration from somewhere, we have noticed that some of these logos humorously seem to have taken their inspiration from well-known brands. For your enjoyment:


Banner graphic by Kate McCarthy

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