The Perfect Grilled Cheese

It sounds simple, doesn’t it? Bread and cheese. NO! You are wrong! Imagine this: I am Gordon Ramsay and you are an idiot sandwich. I’m here to teach you!  Firstly, it’s okay to be an idiot sandwich; everyone starts somewhere. Learning to cook is easy; you start with a simple recipe, add your own twist and flavors, and you have become a Gordon Ramsay level master at cooking!

Before you even begin, you need the perfect ingredients in order to make sure you have as much deliciousness as possible. The perfect bread is, obviously a heart-healthy grainy-filled loaf of bread. The perfect bread comes with an already nice brown color. You next choose your cheese. If you think you only need one, then … you would be wrong. You need a minimum of two cheeses. I know you want this grilled cheese to be super cheesy and melty because otherwise you are left with a sad, one-cheese-slice sandwich. No one wants that. Especially not someone interested in the PERFECT grilled cheese. My preferred cheeses are American, swiss, and cheddar. They are heavenly! Lastly, your choice of butter: salted or unsalted, this brand or that. My personal choice in butter is the Land O Lakes salted butter. If you know, you know

Where you choose to actually put all of these ingredients together is up to you, but a griddle or frying pan is ideal. Before you put butter on your bread, make sure its soft enough scoop easily with a butter knife. Once you have done this, you are ready to start. You now turn the stove on high while you lightly butter the bread on both sides of each slice. In order to get a nice crunch from the bread this is 100% necessary. Once the griddle or pan is hot, put a small amount of butter on top and let it glide along the surface. At this point, you can turn it down to a medium-high heat. Once the butter is completely melted, lay both slices of bread down until golden-brown and flip. Lay your cheeses along the top of one bread slice, evenly coating it with a thick layer. Now you can put the cooked sides together; once one is golden-brown you can flip and wait for the other side to be as well.

With this recipe, you get as much flavor as possible in every aspect of the meal. You get the perfect crunch and the right amount of mouth-melting goodness. After reading this, you have officially leveled up from idiot sandwich to Gordan Ramsay. Enjoy!

Julianna Ramos

Julianna Ramos

I love iced coffee! Thank your for listening to my ted talk!

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