Creating the Perfect Child

Imagine a society where people were bred to have specific roles such as, a basketball player, a technician, a scientist, a lawyer, etc. Imagine only being able to live in a certain place based on a classification. Imagine if you had to marry someone based on the way you were made including: hair color, eye color, job, and IQ. Imagine being perfect. Can you even imagine that? Continue reading

How to French Braid

I have three little sisters and they always want me to do their hair. I learned how to French Braid my own hair at an early age and then moved on to braiding other people’s hair. The best way to learn how to French Braid is by starting on someone else. This helps you get the hang of things before you try it on your own hair without looking. I am going to teach you the few simple steps to master the technique of French Braiding. Continue reading